SAREEN SPORTS GG Smacker Signature English Willow Cricket Bat

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SS GG Smacker Signature English Willow Cricket Bat. Crafted from super select English Willow Grade 3, this bat is designed to deliver exceptional performance on the field. With an overall big profile and a spine starting from the middle till the lower section, it offers maximum power and precision in every shot. The counterbalance handle ensures excellent balance and control, while the very thick edges and remarkably light pickup make it perfect for hard-hitting purposes, especially in short formats like T20 cricket. Featuring maximum playing area and specially designed shoulders, this bat guarantees unparalleled performance. Its unique shape sets it apart from other SS bat shapes, making it the ultimate choice for players seeking power, precision, and versatility in one bat.


  • Type: Short Handle
  • Willow Grade: Super Select English Willow Grade 3
  • Dimensions: Height: 84.45 CM, Width: 11.43 CM, Length: 3.8 CM
  • Weight Range: 1140 to 1200 grams
  • Profile: Overall big profile with spine starting from the middle till lower
  • Handle: Counterbalance handle
  • Edge Thickness: Very thick edges
  • Purpose: Specially designed for hard-hitting purposes, ideal for short formats like T20 cricket
  • Playing Area: Maximum playing area
  • Shoulders: Specially designed shoulders
  • Shape: Unique and different from other SS bat shapes
  • Included: Premium / Portable SS Bat cover
  • Manufactured and Marketed by: Sareen Sports Industries, India