MRF Miniature Autograph Cricket Bat

€9,00 €10,00


The MRF Miniature Autograph Cricket Bat is a perfect collectible for cricket enthusiasts and fans alike.

Made of popular willow wood, this miniature bat is designed specifically for autograph purposes. It is not meant for playing cricket but serves as a unique souvenir item.

Each box contains one miniature bat, measuring 16 inches in size. It's a great item to have for collecting autographs of cricket players, making it a must-have for fans who don't want to miss the opportunity to capture their favorite international players' signatures.

Kids especially love these mini bats as they can cherish their autographed collection and feel connected to their cricket idols.

Please note that the MRF Miniature Autograph Cricket Bat is not intended for actual cricket play but is solely designed as a keepsake for collecting autographs.