SH Pro Power English Willow Cricket Bat

€112,50 €125,00

Sports Hub Pro Power English Willow Cricket Bat appears to be a cricket bat designed for power-hitting in shorter formats like T20 cricket. Here are some key features and details about this cricket bat:

  • Grade of Willow: This cricket bat is made from super select English Willow, which is known for its quality and performance. The Grade 5 designation suggests that it is a good-quality willow.

  • Profile: The bat has an overall big profile, which typically means it has a larger sweet spot. A larger sweet spot allows for better power and control when hitting the ball.

  • Handle: It features a counter-balance handle. A counter-balance handle can help with bat control and balance, potentially aiding in power-hitting.

  • Edge Thickness: The bat has very thick edges, which is a desirable feature for power hitters. Thicker edges can generate more power when striking the ball.

  • Light Pickup: Despite having thick edges, it is mentioned to have a very light pickup. This suggests that the bat feels lighter in the hands than its actual weight, making it easier to play shots with control.

  • Playing Area: The bat is designed to provide a maximum playing area, ensuring that you can make the most of your shots.

  • Shoulder Design: A special shoulder design may offer additional power and control when playing shots.

  • Unique Shape: The bat is described as having a unique and different shape compared to other SH (Sports Hub) bats. The specific shape may contribute to its performance characteristics.

  • Best for Short Formats: This bat is specially designed for short formats like T20 cricket, where power-hitting is crucial.

  • Includes Bat Cover: It comes with a premium and portable SH bat cover, which helps protect the bat during transport and storage.

  • Made in India: The bat is proudly made in India.

Cricket bats are highly personal equipment, and choosing the right one depends on your playing style and preferences. Bats with features like thick edges, large sweet spots, and light pickups are often favored by aggressive and power-hitting batsmen. It's essential to consider your playing style, the type of cricket you play, and your comfort with the bat's weight and balance when selecting a cricket bat.

NOTE: The color of the Sticker on the Bat may vary according to the Availability