SH Pro 90 Cricket Bat Designed for Women Players

€161,10 €179,00

Sports Hub Pro 90 Women's Cricket Bat appears to be a cricket bat designed for female players with some notable features. Here's an overview of its specifications:

  • Grade 3 Willow: The bat is made from Grade 3 willow, which is a good quality wood often used in cricket bats. The quality of the willow impacts the bat's performance.

  • Round Handle: The bat features a round handle, which is a common handle shape for cricket bats. The choice of handle shape can impact the feel and control of the bat.

  • Concave Edge: A concave edge means that the edges of the bat are slightly scooped or hollowed out. This design can help reduce the overall weight of the bat while maintaining good power in shots.

  • Specially Designed Grip with Embossing: The bat comes with a specially designed grip that likely provides comfort and a secure hold on the bat. The embossing could add to the grip's effectiveness.

  • Combination of Sarawak Cane Handle: Sarawak cane handles are known for their durability and shock-absorbing properties. This combination handle likely provides a good balance of control and power.

  • Huge Edge Super Rebounded Quality: The bat is advertised as having a huge edge, which can contribute to powerful shots. "Super rebounded quality" suggests that the bat is designed to maximize the rebound effect when hitting the ball.

  • Manufactured in India: The bat is manufactured in India, which is known for producing cricket equipment of high quality.

Overall, the Sports Hub Pro 90 Women's Cricket Bat seems to be designed to offer female cricketers a combination of power and control. However, the actual performance of the bat can vary based on individual preferences and playing conditions. It's important for players to select a bat that suits their playing style and needs. Additionally, cricket bats may require some knocking in and maintenance to perform at their best.