Shrey Performance 2.0 Steel Cricket Helmet

€62,10 €69,00


Shrey Performance 2.0 Steel Cricket Helmet, a pinnacle of safety and performance designed to elevate your cricket experience. With its advanced features and thoughtful design, this helmet ensures you play with confidence and focus on your game.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Weight: Weighing approximately 950gms, the Shrey Performance 2.0 Steel Helmet strikes the perfect balance between protection and comfort.

  • Advanced Material: Crafted from a high-grade ABS composite shell, the helmet provides a robust shield against impact, safeguarding your head during intense matches.

  • Enhanced Safety: The EPS liner further enhances safety, absorbing and dispersing impact forces to minimize potential injury.

  • Stylish Embossing: The helmet boasts new permanently attached SHREY embossed side plates, adding a touch of style to its protective functionality.

  • Improved Fit: Experience superior fit and comfort with the improved rear retention system, complete with cushion pads that ensure the helmet stays securely in place.

  • Upgraded Grille: The new and improved fixed grille enhances safety, offering added protection to your face while maintaining clear visibility.

  • Comprehensive Protection: The helmet features increased facial and side protection, providing comprehensive coverage for your head.

  • Removable Swoppa Band: The removable and washable swoppa band adds a layer of hygiene and comfort, ensuring your helmet stays fresh and snug.

  • Compliance with Safety Standards: The Shrey Performance 2.0 Steel Helmet adheres to the latest ICC/BS 2013 safety standards for both 4 3/4 and 5 1/2 OZ ball, ensuring you're well-equipped for all match situations.

  • Extended Back Design: For increased safety, the helmet is extended at the back, offering extra protection to the vulnerable neck area.

  • Inclusive Spares: The package includes essential spares, including a mesh bag, 2 rear cushion pads, and 4 round velcro sets, ensuring you have what you need for maintenance and customization.

Boost your safety and game with the Shrey Performance 2.0 Steel Cricket Helmet. Whether you're facing formidable opponents or competing at the highest level, this helmet ensures you're protected and ready to give your best on the field.