SG Test Abdo Guard

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SG Test Abdo Guard is a premium protective gear designed to offer high-impact resistance and optimal groin protection for cricketers. Here are its key features:

  • High-Impact Resistance: The abdo guard is equipped with a high-impact resistant poly protector, ensuring robust defense against potential impacts during the game, providing a shield for the groin area.

  • Foam Casing and Cotton Stuffing: The border of the guard is bound with a foam casing stuffed with fluffed cotton, enhancing the overall protective capability and ensuring comfort during wear.

  • Strap-On Design: The guard features a convenient strap-on design, allowing for easy and secure fastening to ensure a stable and reliable fit during gameplay.

  • Pin-Less Buckle System: The innovative pin-less buckle system provides added convenience during wear, allowing for hassle-free adjustments and ensuring a secure and customized fit for the player.

  • Elastic Leather Combination Straps: The guard is equipped with elastic leather combination straps that offer added comfort and flexibility, enabling players to adjust the fit according to their preferences and ensuring a comfortable experience during extended use.

  • Optimum Groin Protection: Shaped specifically to offer optimum protection for the groin area, the guard is designed to minimize potential injuries, providing players with the necessary confidence to focus on their performance during the game.

Overall, the SG Test Abdo Guard is an essential protective accessory, offering both comfort and high-level protection for cricketers during intense gameplay.