SG RP 17 Cricket Duffle Wheele Kit Bag

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SG RP 17 Cricket Duffle Wheelie Kit Bag is designed to meet the needs of cricketers by providing ample storage and convenient transportation options. Here are the key features of this duffle wheelie kit bag:

  • Ample Storage Capacity: The bag offers sufficient space to accommodate all necessary cricket gear, ensuring that players can carry their essentials with ease.

  • Durable and Water-Resistant Fabric: The premium fabric used in the construction of the bag is highly durable and water-resistant, protecting the gear from external elements.

  • Multiple Bat Carrying Capacity: It can carry one bat on the outside and up to three bats inside, ensuring that players can transport their equipment conveniently.

  • Separate Shoe Pocket: The dedicated shoe pocket allows players to keep their footwear separate from the rest of their gear, ensuring cleanliness and organization.

  • Insulated Cool Zone: The insulated cool zone is designed to keep ice packs or water cool for an extended duration, providing refreshment during intense matches or practice sessions.

  • Convenient Transport: Equipped with large wheels, padded shoulder straps, and a comfortable grip handle, the bag offers easy and convenient transportation options.

  • Enhanced Stability and Durability: The bag features HDPE back padding with ventilated mesh, ensuring stability, proper airflow, and moisture management. Additionally, special bartack stitches enhance the bag's strength and durability.

  • Additional Storage Pockets: Extra-large side pockets provide more storage options for players to carry additional essentials.

The SG RP 17 Cricket Duffle Wheelie Kit Bag is a comprehensive solution for cricketers, providing convenient storage, durability, and easy transportation for their essential gear.