SG Icon Cricket Sleeve - White

€9,00 €10,00

SG Icon Cricket Sleeve in white is crafted with the comfort and protection of cricketers in mind. Here are some notable features of this cricket sleeve:

  • Material Composition: Comprising 92% polyester and 8% lycra, the sleeve provides a stretchy and flexible fit, ensuring ease of movement during matches and practice sessions.

  • Elbow Padding: The elbow area is padded, offering additional cushioning that safeguards players against impacts from falls and skids during gameplay.

  • Moisture-Wicking Fabric: The fabric is designed to wick away moisture, keeping players dry and comfortable throughout intense matches. Additionally, it provides sun protection, helping to shield players from harmful UV rays.

  • Anti-Pilling Fabric: The fabric used in the sleeve is resistant to pilling, ensuring that the sleeve maintains a smooth texture and appearance even after multiple washes.

The SG Icon Cricket Sleeve in white is a reliable accessory for cricketers seeking a combination of comfort, protection, and durability to support them during their matches and training sessions.