SF Triumph Wicket Keeping Pads

€58,50 €65,00

SF Triumph Wicket Keeping Pads are expertly designed for premium lightweight performance, used by numerous international cricketers. Here are some of their notable features:

  • Premium Quality Construction: These pads are crafted from strong imported polyurethane facing, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance even under the most intense playing conditions.

  • High-Density Protection: The pads feature high-density foam, cane, and molded rod cushioning that provides an excellent fit and superior protection for the wicket keeper, allowing them to focus on their game with confidence.

  • Extra Wide High-Density Side Wings: The extra-wide side wings offer additional protection and coverage, ensuring comprehensive safeguarding during dynamic play and swift movements on the field.

  • Enhanced Knee Protection: The pads come with high-density foam-filled knee rolls, providing added support and protection to the wicket keeper's knees during crouching and diving movements.

  • Added Top Hat Protection: With an additional layer of protection on the top hat, these pads ensure comprehensive coverage and security, minimizing the risk of potential injuries from ball impact or contact.

  • Ultra-Light Construction: The pads are designed with a revolutionary ultra-light construction using high-density foam, making them easy to wear and allowing for agile movements on the field without compromising on protection and support.

  • Removable Foam-Filled Padding: The shin section of the pads is equipped with removable foam-filled padding, along with 2-inch elasticated calf and ankle straps, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit for the wicket keeper, enabling them to focus on their performance without any distractions.

The SF Triumph Wicket Keeping Pads are the ideal choice for professional and aspiring wicket keepers seeking top-notch protection and comfort during high-level gameplay.