SF Prolite Cricket Batting Gloves - Navy

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SF Prolite Cricket Batting Gloves in Navy are crafted to provide exceptional comfort and protection during your cricket matches. Here are the key features of these gloves:

  • Premium Quality Calf Skin Palm: The gloves are equipped with a premium quality calf skin palm, ensuring a soft and comfortable feel. The soft fill backing adds increased durability to the gloves, allowing for long-lasting use and reliability.

  • Multi-Section Fingers: With multi-section fingers, the gloves offer greater flexibility, enabling players to move their hands freely and comfortably while maintaining a secure grip on the bat.

  • High Impact Pro Guard Inserts: The inclusion of high impact pro guard inserts enhances the protection provided by the gloves, ensuring that your hands are shielded from any potential impacts during gameplay. Additionally, the addition of side bar protection further reinforces the gloves' protective capabilities, offering comprehensive coverage to your hands.

The SF Prolite Cricket Batting Gloves in Navy are designed to deliver both comfort and security, allowing you to focus on your performance with the assurance that your hands are well-protected throughout the game.