SF Club Wicket Keeping Pads Boy's

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SF Club Wicket Keeping Pads for boys provide reliable protection and durability on the cricket pitch. Here are the key features of these wicket keeping pads:

  • Strong PVC Facing: The pads are constructed using robust PVC facing, ensuring long-lasting performance and defense against impacts.

  • Cane-Reinforced Construction: The design incorporates cane reinforcement, providing an extra layer of protection to keep young players safe during wicket keeping actions.

  • Color: The pads come in an appealing combination of white and silver, creating a stylish and classic look that young cricketers will appreciate.

  • Material: These wicket keeping pads are primarily composed of PVC facing, enhancing their strength and resilience.

The SF Club Wicket Keeping Pads for boys are a reliable choice for young cricket enthusiasts, offering both protection and style on the field.