SF Ranji Wicket Keeping Pads Men's And Youth

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SF Ranji Wicket Keeping Pads are designed for both Men and Youth cricketers, ensuring top-notch protection and comfort during their matches. Here are the key features of these pads:

  • Premium Quality Imported PU Facing: The pads are constructed using premium quality imported PU facing, ensuring durability and longevity.

  • Low Density Foam Filled Cane Reinforced Construction: These pads offer added protection through their low density foam filled cane reinforced construction, providing a strong layer of defense against impacts and collisions.

  • High Density Foam Filled Top Hat: The inclusion of high density foam in the top hat further enhances the protective capabilities of the pads, ensuring comprehensive coverage and security for the wicket keeper.

  • High Density Sponge Filled Bolster: The high density sponge filled bolster contributes to the overall robustness of the pads, offering an additional layer of protection and stability.

  • Three Paneled Top Hat Construction: With a three paneled top hat construction, the pads provide a secure and comfortable fit, allowing for flexibility and ease of movement during gameplay.

  • Wear Resistant PVC Instep with Hard-Wearing Piping: The wear resistant PVC instep, along with hard-wearing piping, ensures that the pads maintain their structural integrity even after extended use, making them reliable and long-lasting.

The SF Ranji Wicket Keeping Pads for Men and Youth have been crafted to meet the demands of competitive cricket matches, providing players with the confidence and protection they need to excel on the field.