PUMA Spike 22.2 Men's Cricket Shoes, Puma White-Bluemazing

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PUMA Spike 22.2 Men's Cricket Shoes in Puma White-Bluemazing offer a range of features designed to enhance your performance on the cricket field. Here's an overview of these cricket shoes:

  • Low Boot Silhouette: These shoes feature a low boot silhouette, which means they provide a comfortable and snug fit around your ankle. This design allows for freedom of movement around the ankle area, which is essential in cricket.

  • Regular Fit: The regular fit ensures that the shoes provide a comfortable fit for most foot shapes, giving you the confidence to perform at your best.

  • Perforated Upper: The upper part of the shoe is perforated, providing breathability and flexibility. This feature helps keep your feet cool and comfortable during long matches or practice sessions.

  • EVA Midsole: The EVA midsole offers cushioning and support, which is crucial for absorbing shock and reducing the risk of injury during high-impact movements on the cricket field.

  • Rubber Plate Outsole with Removable Spikes: The rubber plate outsole is designed for traction on the field. It comes with removable spikes that allow you to adjust the type of traction you need based on the pitch conditions.

  • TPU Shank: The TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) shank provides midfoot stability. This stability is essential for maintaining balance and support during various cricket movements.

  • Lace Closure: The lace closure ensures a snug and secure fit, so your shoes stay in place during intense cricket action.

  • PUMA Cat Logo: These shoes feature the iconic PUMA Cat Logo on the toe and tongue, signifying their quality and brand association.

In summary, the PUMA Spike 22.2 Men's Cricket Shoes are designed to offer comfort, stability, and traction on the cricket field. They are suitable for various cricketing roles and are equipped with features to enhance your performance during matches and training sessions.