SF Pro Blaster 8000 English Willow Cricket Bat

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SF Pro Blaster 8000 Cricket Bat is a high-quality option, expertly crafted with Grade 3 English willow, ensuring a powerful and controlled playing experience for cricketers. Here are the key features of this bat:

  • Grade 3 English Willow: The bat is meticulously crafted using Grade 3 English willow, guaranteeing durability and performance suitable for various playing styles.

  • Mid-Blade Swell: Designed to accommodate all playing styles, the mid-blade swell ensures a sustained sweet spot across the blade, allowing for consistent performance during play.

  • Innovative Shaping: The bat's innovative shaping contributes to its exceptional pickup, providing players with a responsive and balanced feel while wielding the bat on the field.

  • Craftsmanship: Handcrafted by experienced craftsmen, the bat reflects superior quality and attention to detail, ensuring optimal performance and control during matches and practice sessions.

  • Generous Edges: The bat boasts generous edges, enhancing its performance and power, making it an ideal choice for players seeking superior hitting capabilities and control.

  • Full-Length Padded Bat Cover: Each bat is accompanied by a full-length padded bat cover equipped with adjustable straps, ensuring the bat remains well-protected and easy to transport.

The SF Pro Blaster 8000 Cricket Bat, available in size SH, is designed to deliver exceptional power, balance, and control for players at all skill levels.