SF Pro Combo Thigh Pad

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SF Pro Combo Thigh Pad is designed as a combination of a thigh pad and an inner thigh pad, providing comprehensive protection for both the thigh and inner thigh areas. Here are the key features of this product:

  • Premium Quality Material: The thigh pad is constructed from ultra-high-density foam, encased in a pre-shaped PU casing, ensuring excellent shock absorption and protection.

  • Soft Absorbent Back: The fabricated back is soft and absorbent, enhancing overall comfort during extended periods of use.

  • Elastic Straps: The product features premium quality elastic waist and thigh straps, providing a secure and adjustable fit for both right and left-handed batsmen.

  • Size Availability: The SF Pro Combo Thigh Pad is available in the size "Mens", "Youth" and "Boys" catering to the needs of all age players.

Designed to provide comprehensive protection and comfort, the SF Pro Combo Thigh Pad is an excellent choice for cricketers looking for reliable and high-quality thigh protection during their matches and practice sessions.