Precision Essential Baselayer Long Sleeve Shirt Adult

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Precision Essential Baselayer Long Sleeve Shirt for Adults is designed to offer exceptional performance and comfort during exercise, especially in cold weather sports. Here's an overview of its key features:

  • Precision Fit: This shirt is intentionally designed to have a tight fit to prevent excessive muscle movement, which can reduce energy wastage during physical activities. This ensures that you can perform at your best.

  • Muscle Recovery: It aids in the recovery of muscle groups, which is particularly beneficial for individuals engaging in regular workouts or training sessions.

  • Moisture-Wicking: The Precision Fit technology in this shirt makes it ideal for cold weather sports. It effectively wicks away sweat from your body while retaining warmth. This helps you stay dry and comfortable even in chilly conditions.

  • Unisex Fit: This shirt is designed to be suitable for both men and women.

  • Chafe-Free and Comfortable: The shirt is crafted with high-quality materials and cover-stitched seams to eliminate chafing and discomfort, ensuring you can exercise without any irritation.

  • Brushed Interior: The interior of the garment is brushed, providing an extra layer of comfort against your skin.

  • Thumb Holes: Thumb holes in the sleeves help keep the shirt securely in place and provide added hand coverage for warmth.

  • Anti-Slip Hem Band: An anti-slip band at the hem ensures that the shirt stays in place during physical activities.

  • Optimizes Muscle Efficiency: By minimizing muscle movement, this shirt helps optimize muscle efficiency, allowing you to maximize your workout performance.

  • Regulates Core Body Temperature: It assists in regulating your core body temperature, helping you stay comfortable during exercise, especially in fluctuating weather conditions.

  • 4-Way Stretch Fabric: The 4-way stretch fabric enhances mobility, ensuring you can move freely during your activities.

  • Fabric Composition: This shirt is primarily made of 90% polyester and 10% elastane, chosen for their performance and comfort properties.

  • Muscle Performance: It can help revitalize muscle performance and enhance recovery, which is particularly valuable after intense workouts.

  • Color and Size: This specific shirt comes in red and is available in size XSmall, with a chest measurement range of 32-34 inches.

In summary, the Precision Essential Baselayer Long Sleeve Shirt for Adults is designed to provide both performance benefits and comfort, making it a valuable addition to your athletic wear, especially for cold weather sports and intense workouts.