Precision Athletic Support

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Precision Athletic Support is designed to provide effective support without restricting movement. It features the following components and materials:

  • Lightweight Fabric: The support is made from lightweight fabric, which ensures comfort and discretion. This fabric likely allows for breathability and flexibility, making it suitable for use during physical activities.

  • Hard Plastic Protective Shell: To enhance protection, the support includes a hard plastic protective shell. This shell is designed to safeguard the supported area from impact and potential injury.

  • Comfort Rubber Edges: The rubber edges on the support are intended to provide comfort and prevent chafing or discomfort during use. This ensures that the support can be worn for extended periods without causing irritation.

  • Compartment for Rigid Box: For added protection, the support includes a compartment to accommodate a rigid box. This may be used to insert additional protective elements, further enhancing the support's ability to safeguard the wearer.

  • Materials: The support is primarily composed of polyester (60%), latex (25%), cotton (10%), and rubber (5%). These materials are chosen for their durability, flexibility, and comfort.

Overall, the Precision Athletic Support is designed to offer a balance between protection and comfort, making it suitable for various athletic activities where support is needed without hindering movement.