Gray Nicolls Powerbow Inferno 500 Batting Pads

€67,50 €75,00

If you are playing club cricket, you should consider making the Powerbow Inferno 500 your new batting pads for this season.

These pads offer superb levels of protection at a reasonable price – perfect if you want to get absolute maximum value for money.

Featuring diffuser foam and cane rod bolster, the Inferno pads are seriously light, but offer excellent protection against good pace bowling. They feature a poly-armour knee, which will repel any balls that strike you on the knee roll, without compromising your movement due to the lightweight material used.

A ¾ diffuser foam wing gives you extra protection at the side of the pad which, when exposed, can be very painful. The wing covers you, giving peace of mind when you are playing the 360-degree shots that modern cricketers love.

Your ankle and foot will be well protected with our diffuser foam instep. The instep will sit comfortably on top of your shoe, offering great protection and lightweight performance.

Featuring the same red and yellow flame as the rest of the Powerbow Inferno range, the 500 batting pads will help you stand out when you take the field.


  • Diffuser foam and cane rod bolster

  • Poly-armour knee

  • 3/4 diffuser foam wing

  • Diffuser foam instep