MRF Genius Grand Edition 2.0 Cricket Batting Gloves

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MRF Genius Grand Edition 2.0 Cricket Batting Gloves, the ultimate choice for discerning players seeking top-level performance and protection. These gloves combine innovative design, premium materials, and advanced features to enhance your batting experience.

Key Features:

  • Molded Fiber Shells: The gloves feature molded fiber shells in all fingers, providing excellent impact resistance and protection. These shells offer a high level of durability and help safeguard your fingers during intense gameplay.

  • Premium Quality Sheep Leather Palm: The gloves are equipped with a premium quality sheep leather palm, ensuring a superior grip, comfort, and feel. The leather palm enhances your control over the bat and offers excellent durability for long-lasting performance.

  • Red-White Color Combination: The iconic red-white color combination is a trademark of the MRF brand and adds a stylish touch to these gloves. Stand out on the field with the distinctive MRF design.

  • High-Density Foam Reinforced Fingers: The gloves feature high-density foam reinforcement in the fingers, providing optimal protection without compromising on style. These reinforced fingers absorb shocks and minimize the risk of injuries, giving you the confidence to play your shots with freedom.

  • Thick Foam Padding: The gloves are equipped with thick foam padding on the inside, offering test-grade protection for your hands. This padding ensures that your hands are well-protected from impact and provides added comfort during long innings.

  • Side Three-Bar Extra Protection: The gloves include side three-bar protection, adding an extra layer of defense to the sides of your hands. This feature provides additional protection to vulnerable areas and enhances your confidence on the field.

  • 50mm Velcro Closure: The gloves feature a 50mm Velcro closure, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit. The adjustable closure allows you to customize the tightness for maximum comfort and stability during gameplay.

  • Split Fingers: The gloves have split fingers, offering superb flexibility and freedom of movement. This design provides enhanced dexterity, while the extra protection near the fingers on the batting hand helps prevent blisters and discomfort.

Elevate your game with the MRF Genius Grand Edition 2.0 Cricket Batting Gloves. With their molded fiber shells, premium sheep leather palm, test-grade protection, and ergonomic design, these gloves are the perfect choice for players who demand the best. Step onto the field with confidence and unleash your batting prowess.