MRF Wizard Gold EW Cricket Bat

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Introducing the MRF Wizard Gold Edition EW Cricket Bat, a top-quality bat designed for performance and style. Crafted from selected Grade A English Willow with 7-10 straight grains, this bat offers exceptional quality and performance.


  • Bat Type: English Willow
  • Grade: Grade A
  • Willow Grains: 7-10 straight grains
  • Profile: Traditional profile with a classic design
  • Stickers: Latest transparent stickers
  • Balance: Superior balance for improved performance
  • Grains: Pristine grains for enhanced durability
  • Sweet Spot: Mid to high sweet spot for precise shot selection
  • Concave Design: Concave design for better performance and pickup
  • Handle: Rounded handle made of Sarawak combination cane for shock absorption and driving power
  • Grip: MRF Plain Bat Handle Grip for control and comfort
  • Edge Thickness: 38-42mm for added power
  • Authenticity: MRF Authenticity Hologram for guaranteed quality
  • Bat Cover: MRF padded full-length bat cover included

The MRF Wizard Gold Edition EW Cricket Bat features a traditional profile and classic design, making it a visually appealing choice. The bat is adorned with the latest transparent stickers, adding to its aesthetic appeal.

With its superior balance, this bat offers excellent control and maneuverability, allowing you to play your shots with precision. The pristine grains ensure durability and longevity, making it a reliable choice for long-lasting performance.

The mid to high sweet spot of the MRF Wizard Gold Edition bat enables you to pick your shots effectively, providing you with the ability to execute your desired strokes with confidence. The concave design further enhances performance and pickup, making it easier to handle the bat.

The rounded handle is constructed using Sarawak combination cane, offering excellent shock absorption and driving power. The MRF Plain Bat Handle Grip provides a comfortable and secure hold, giving you control over your shots.

With edge thickness ranging from 38 to 42mm, this bat delivers exceptional power for impactful strokes. The MRF Authenticity Hologram ensures the bat's genuineness and quality.

The MRF Wizard Gold Edition EW Cricket Bat comes with a padded full-length bat cover, ensuring protection and convenience when storing or transporting your bat.

Choose the MRF Wizard Gold Edition EW Cricket Bat for its superior performance, stylish design, and authentic quality. Experience the confidence and precision it brings to your game.