MRF Legend VK 18 3.0 EW Cricket Bat

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The MRF Legend VK 18 3.0 EW Cricket Bat is the entry-level senior bat in the MRF range, offering excellent value for money without compromising on performance. Made from carefully selected Grade 5 English Willow, this bat delivers a combination of quality and affordability.


  • Bat Type: English Willow
  • Grade: Grade 5
  • Profile: Slight concaving for optimum balance and weight
  • Sweet Spot: Mid middle for all-round stroke play
  • Handle: Round handle for comfortable grip
  • Edges: Thick edges measuring 37mm+
  • Toe: Thick toe measuring 19mm+
  • Shoulders: Thick shoulders for added durability
  • Anti-Scuff Sheet: Fibre edge anti-scuff sheet fitted for protection
  • Toe Guard: Toe guard fitted for added durability
  • Bow: Exaggerated bow for enhanced performance
  • Stickers: Embossed stickers with unique MRF heat stamping on edges

The MRF Legend VK 18 3.0 EW Cricket Bat features a slight concaving profile, ensuring optimum balance and weight distribution. The mid middle sweet spot is perfect for all-round stroke play, allowing you to play shots both off the front and back foot with confidence.

The bat is equipped with a round handle, providing a comfortable grip and allowing for better control during shots. With its thick edges and shoulders, this bat offers durability and power for impactful strokes. The toe is also thick, providing additional strength and longevity.

To protect the bat from wear and tear, a fibre edge anti-scuff sheet is fitted, along with a toe guard for added durability. The exaggerated bow enhances the bat's performance, helping you generate power and control in your shots.

The MRF Legend VK 18 3.0 EW Cricket Bat is finished with embossed stickers featuring the unique MRF heat stamping on the edges, representing the quality and craftsmanship of the bat.

Experience the performance and reliability of the MRF Legend VK 18 3.0 EW Cricket Bat, designed to meet the needs of aspiring cricketers at an affordable price point.