MRF EW Genius Grand Edition 3.0


  • Protoype of the MRF Brand Ambassador, Virat Kohli's, bat
  • Made from Carefully Selected Grade 3 English Willow - the entry level bat in the Genius range.
  • Minimal Concaving - creates a very wide sweet spot and maximal power.
  • Mid Middle - ideal for all round stroke play, off both the front and back foot.
  • Round Handle.
  • Premium Sarawak Cane Handle.
  • Thick (38mm+ Edges).
  • Thick (20mm+) Toe.
  • Thick Shoulders.
  • Duck Bill Toe - ensures a light pick up with optimum balance.
  • Natural Finish - no anti-scuff sheet fitted.
  • Toe Guard fitted.
  • Exaggerated Bow.
  • Embossed Stickers with unique MRF Heat Stamping on edges.
  • MRF Branded, Red Players Grip fitted.