MRF Chase Master Cricket Batting Leg Guard/Pads

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The MRF Chase Master Cricket Batting Leg Guards/Pads offer a modern design with enhanced protection to keep you confident and comfortable at the crease.

Featuring a three-piece internal bolster, these leg guards provide additional protection for your legs. The padded knee socket includes a fibre insert for extra safeguarding against impacts.

The leg guards are made with top-quality PU material on the front, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

With a 7-cane construction and a unique hinged side wing, these leg guards offer ease of movement, allowing you to play your shots without any restrictions. The top-quality Korean PU front adds to the overall durability and performance of the leg guards.

The leg guards also feature a unique padded knee socket with a protective insert made of hard fiber, providing added protection to the vulnerable knee area.

Additionally, the triple vertical internal bolsters offer great support and comfort, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Choose the MRF Chase Master Cricket Batting Leg Guards/Pads for their modern design, enhanced protection, and quality construction, allowing you to focus on your batting with confidence.

Key Features:

  • Modern design with enhanced protection
  • Three-piece internal bolster for additional protection
  • Padded knee socket with fibre insert protection
  • Top-quality PU front for durability
  • 7-cane construction with unique hinged side wing for ease of movement
  • Top-quality Korean PU front for durability
  • Unique padded knee socket protective insert of hard fiber
  • Triple vertical internal bolsters for great support and comfort.