Moonwalkr Wicket Keeping Shin Guards

€89,10 €99,00


The Moonwalkr Wicket Keeping Shin Guards are designed to provide exceptional protection for wicket keepers and close-in fielders. These shin guards feature a pioneered design with frontal straps that do not require buckles, offering improved ergonomics and a better fit.

Constructed with a ballistic-proof composite shell, these shin guards provide solid protection while keeping them lightweight and agile. You can confidently knock wickets without worrying about your knees.

In addition to their protective features, the Moonwalkr Wicket Keeping Shin Guards also prioritize comfort and performance. The special terry fabric used on the inside offers better cushioning, sweat absorption, and anti-slip properties. This ensures that you stay comfortable and focused during intense cricket sessions.

Embrace the fresh new look of Moonwalkr with these shin guards, combining style and functionality to enhance your performance on the field.