Mitre Ultimatch Plus Football

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The Mitre Ultimatch Plus Football is a mid-level match ball that meets the IMS (International Match Ball Standard) accreditation mark in size 5. It is designed to provide excellent performance and durability during matches.

The ball is constructed with a unique 20-panel configuration, which ensures superior in-play consistency and excellent ball flight. The 'Mitre' textured surface on the outer shell enhances grip and control, allowing players to have a better handling of the ball.

With a 4.5mm hyperfoam backing, the ball offers fantastic control, inspiring player confidence on the ball. The hyperfoam backing also ensures that power transfer from the boot to the ball is not compromised, allowing for powerful shots and accurate passes.

The Mitre Ultimatch Plus Football features a 1mm PU outer, which improves durability and provides a better feel during gameplay. The ball is engineered with Hyperseam™ technology, which minimizes water uptake, making it suitable for play in any weather conditions.

The ball is available in size 5, 4, and 3, making it suitable for different age groups and playing surfaces such as grass or astroturf.

Please note that the Mitre Ultimatch Plus Football is delivered deflated, and a pump is required to inflate it. To avoid disappointment, it is recommended to have a suitable pump available for inflation.

Overall, the Mitre Ultimatch Plus Football is designed to offer control, accuracy, and durability, making it a reliable choice for match play in various conditions.