Marker Cones - Club



The Marker Cones - Club are designed with a sturdy 40gsm plastic construction, providing durability for various training and marking purposes. They are made to the same design as the Standard Marker Cones but offer enhanced sturdiness.

Here are the specifications of the Marker Cones - Club:

  • Set: Each set includes 50 marker cones.
  • Color Distribution: The set includes 10 cones of each color: Blue, Red, White, Yellow, and Orange.
  • Stand Holder: The cones come with a stand holder for easy storage and organization.
  • Construction: The cones are made of durable plastic, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear and tear.
  • Dimensions: Each cone measures 5cm in height and 19cm in diameter.
  • Weight: The marker cones are of club weight, weighing 40 grams each.

These Marker Cones - Club are suitable for a variety of sports and training activities where marking and delineation are required.