Li-Ning Wind Lite Stealth - 77 Grams Badminton Racket with Cover

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Li-Ning Wind Lite Stealth is not just a racket; it's a powerhouse designed for players who demand precision, speed, and the advantage of invisible force on the badminton court. Weighing a mere 77 grams, this racket is crafted with cutting-edge technologies to elevate your attacking gameplay to new heights.

Key Features:

  1. Superlight Technology: Powered by Superlight technology, this racket is exceptionally lightweight, allowing you to move seamlessly across the court and maintain momentum throughout the game.

  2. Compressed Groove Technology: The Compressed Groove technology adds dynamism to your strikes, making them more effective and powerful. It enhances the overall responsiveness of the racket.

  3. Head-Heavy Balance: The head-heavy balance of the Wind Lite Stealth complements an attacking style of play, empowering your smashes and returns with unmatched force.

  4. Multiple Weight Options: Available in four weight categories (77g, 78g, 79g, and 80g), you can choose the variant that suits your playing style. Each racket boasts a balance point of 304mm and can handle string tension up to 30 lbs.


  • Player Type: Attacking
  • Player Level: Intermediate
  • Weight: 77 grams
  • Balance Point: 304 mm
  • Balance: Head Heavy
  • Shaft Flexibility: Flexible
  • Shaft Thickness (mm): 7
  • Racket Grip Size: S1
  • Maximum Racket Tension: 30 LBS (pounds)
  • Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Frame Shape: Dynamic Optimum Frame

Unleash the invisible force with the Li-Ning Wind Lite Stealth, a racket designed to redefine your attacking game with precision and power. Elevate your play and dominate the court effortlessly.