Li-Ning Turbo Charging Z Combat Badminton Racket with Cover

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Li-Ning Turbo Charging Z Combat Badminton Racket. Engineered for fast-paced gameplay, this top-tier racket features a trapezoidal frame construction, optimizing aerodynamics for swift and powerful swings. The COMBAT Series design, with a heavier head and higher balance point, ensures maximum power generation, making it an ideal choice for players who dominate with aggressive gameplay. With a weight of 85 grams, a flexible shaft, and cutting-edge technologies like Dynamic Optimum Frame and MPCF Reinforcing, this racket is your weapon of choice for absolute power domination on the court.

  • Intermediate Attacker's Racket: Tailored for players with an aggressive playing style.
  • Trapezoidal Frame Construction: Enhances aerodynamics for swift and powerful swing motions.
  • Head Heavy Balance: Maximizes power generation for dominating gameplay.
  • Flexible Shaft: Allows adaptability for both offensive and defensive strategies.
  • COMBAT Series Racket: Specifically designed for players seeking absolute power domination.
  • Heavier Head and Higher Balance Point: Enhances power and stability during gameplay.
  • Feather-Light Weight: Weighing 85 grams for a perfect balance of maneuverability and power.
  • Dynamic Optimum Frame and MPCF Reinforcing: Cutting-edge technologies for enhanced performance.
  • Stabilized Torsion Angle: Further boosts stability for precise and controlled shots.
  • Maximum Racket Tension of 30 lbs: Allows customization based on player preference.
  • Carbon Fibre Construction: Ensures durability and overall racket performance.

          Note: The color of the Racket may vary according to the availability.