Li-Ning Super Series SS 900 Badminton Racket with Cover

€52,00 €65,00

Li-Ning Super Series SS 900 Badminton Racket stands as a testament to cutting-edge badminton engineering, tailored for professional players seeking excellence. This top-tier racket, weighing in at 84 grams, boasts a head-heavy balance and ultra-flexible shaft, optimizing power-packed smashes and agile maneuvers. Crafted with premium materials like carbon fiber, it integrates patented technologies such as MPCF Reinforcing and Dynamic Optimum Frame. The racket, with a recommended tension of 30 pounds, offers a perfect balance of durability, strength, and precision. Complete with a G6 grip and a cover, it's a stellar choice for players dominating the professional badminton arena.

Key Features:

  • Product Range: Super Series
  • Player Type: Attacking
  • Player Level: Professional
  • Weight: 84 grams
  • Balance Point: 300 mm
  • Shaft Flexibility: Ultra Flexible
  • Shaft Thickness (mm): 7
  • Racket Grip Size: G6
  • Maximum Racket Tension: 30 LBS (pounds)
  • Material: Carbon Fibre
  • Frame Shape: Dynamic Optimum Frame
  • Comes with a Cover