Li-Ning No. 7 Classic Badminton String 0.70MM

€7,19 €8,99

Li-Ning's No. 7 Classic Badminton String is a choice that seamlessly blends tradition with cutting-edge technology, making it an excellent pick for professional players. Here's why it stands out:

  • Exceptional Durability: The string is built to last, offering exceptional durability to withstand the rigors of professional play. It ensures a longer lifespan and consistent performance.

  • Soft Hitting Sensation: With a high polymer and nylon filament core, the string delivers a soft hitting sensation. This feature enhances the player's feel and touch during gameplay.

  • Premium Feel: The string provides a premium feel, adding a touch of sophistication to your racket. It combines advanced materials with classic craftsmanship for an elevated badminton experience.

  • Optimal Performance: The high-intensity nylon outer coat complements the core, contributing to optimal performance. This combination ensures that the string maintains its integrity and tension for reliable play.

  • Deep-Re-Dipping Technology: Li-Ning's innovative Deep-Re-Dipping technology is employed, significantly impacting durability and tension retention. This technology enhances the overall performance of the string, making it a reliable choice for professionals.

  • Satisfying Hitting Experience: The hit-absorbing coating on the string enhances the overall hitting experience. It absorbs impact efficiently, providing a satisfying feel with every shot.

  • 0.70mm Thickness for Control: With a thickness of 0.70mm, this string offers excellent control, allowing professional players to execute precise and controlled shots.

  • Balanced Ratings: The string features a balanced set of ratings, with a focus on durability, control, and shock absorption. This balance caters to the diverse needs of professional players.

Li-Ning's No. 7 Classic Badminton String is the epitome of a classic yet technologically advanced string, designed to meet the exacting demands of professional players who value durability, feel, and overall performance in their equipment.

Note: The color of the String may vary according to the availability.