Li-Ning No. 3 Boost Badminton String 0.63MM

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Li-Ning's No. 3 Boost Badminton String is a superb choice for intermediate players, delivering extra repulsion power and an exceptional hitting experience. Here's why it stands out:

  • Heat-Resistant and High-Intensity Core: The core of the string is crafted with heat-resistant and high-intensity nano-braided multifilament, ensuring a strong and resilient foundation for optimal performance.

  • Even Tension Distribution: The outer part of the string is made from heat-resistant and high-intensity nylon, promoting even tension distribution throughout the racket. This contributes to consistent and reliable play.

  • Compound Resin Coating: The string is coated with a compound resin, providing essential care and ensuring elasticity for enhanced overall performance. This coating adds to the durability of the string.

  • 0.63mm Thickness for Control: With a thickness of 0.63mm, this string offers excellent control, allowing intermediate players to execute precise shots with confidence.

  • High Repulsion Power: The string is designed to deliver extra repulsion power, providing players with the ability to generate strong and effective shots during play.

  • Comfortable Hitting Feel: The string offers a comfortable hitting feel, enhancing the overall playing experience for intermediate players.

  • Superior Shock Absorption: With a shock absorption rating of 9/10, this string effectively absorbs impact, minimizing stress on the player's arm and ensuring a comfortable gameplay experience.

  • High Hitting Sound: Scores a perfect 10/10 in hitting sound, providing audible feedback to players and adding to the overall satisfaction of the game.

Li-Ning's No. 3 Boost Badminton String is tailored for intermediate players who seek a perfect balance of control, repulsion power, and a comfortable hitting feel in their strings.

Note: The color of the String may vary according to the availability.