Li-Ning GC002 Towel Grip for Badminton Racket

€3,20 €4,00

Li-Ning GC002 Towel Grip for Badminton Racket is the epitome of comfort and functionality, designed to elevate your playing experience. Here's why the GC002 is a must-have for badminton enthusiasts:

  • Premium Cotton Comfort: Crafted with a single-layer of high-quality cotton, this towel grip provides a luxurious feel and comfortable texture. The use of premium cotton ensures a soft touch, enhancing your overall grip experience during gameplay.

  • Enhanced Texture and Feel: The unique construction of the GC002 contributes to better texture and feel. The towel-like surface not only feels great in your hands but also provides an enhanced grip for improved control over your racket.

  • Superior Sweat Absorption: Designed to tackle the challenges of sweaty palms during intense play, the GC002 excels in sweat absorption. The cotton material efficiently absorbs sweat, preventing slippage and ensuring a secure grip throughout your badminton sessions.

  • Non-Slip Technology: The grip is equipped with non-slip technology, a game-changer that ensures an excellent grip under various conditions. Regardless of swing speed, temperature, or sweaty palms, the non-slip technology guarantees a firm hold on your racket.

  • Convenient Pack of 1: The GC002 Towel Grip comes in a pack of 1, offering a convenient solution for individual grip replacements. This eliminates the need to buy in bulk and provides an efficient solution for maintaining your racket.

Experience the pinnacle of comfort and grip with the Li-Ning GC002 Towel Grip. Whether you're a casual player or a seasoned athlete, this grip ensures that you play with confidence, knowing that your racket is equipped with a grip that combines style, comfort, and performance.

Note- The color of the grip may vary, according to the availability.