Li-Ning AXForce 20 R Badminton Racket with Cover

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Li-Ning AXForce 20 R Badminton Racket, a professional-grade choice for attacking players. Crafted with a head-heavy balance and a 6.8mm soft flexible shaft, this racket combines power and precision for an unparalleled playing experience. The unique Box Wing Frame design not only generates higher shuttle speeds but also amplifies the power of your swings. The flexible shaft, made from high carbon, optimizes smash defense and enhances returns. With a G5 grip size and a maximum tension of 27 lbs, this racket is a lethal combination of innovation and performance.

  • Professional Attacker's Racket: Tailored for players seeking power and precision.
  • Head-Heavy Balance: Amplifies the power of swings for impactful shots.
  • 6.8mm Soft Flexible Shaft: Enhances smash defense and boosts returns.
  • Box Wing Frame Design: Generates higher shuttle speeds for a competitive edge.
  • Sonic Boom Impact: Cutting-edge technology for enhanced striking sound and fast hits.
  • G5 Grip Size: Provides a comfortable and secure hold during intense play.
  • Maximum Tension of 27 lbs: Allows for customizable tension based on player preference.
  • Carbon Fibre Construction: Balances durability with enhanced performance.

      Note: The color of the Racket may vary according to the availability.