Leverage Auto Ball Feeder - iWinner Special Edition

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The Leverage Auto Ball Feeder Tray is a special edition designed specifically for use with the Leverage iWinner bowling machine. It is an accessory that enhances the convenience and efficiency of your batting practice sessions.

The Auto Ball Feeder Tray attaches to the iWinner bowling machine and allows for automatic ball feeding, eliminating the need for manual ball feeding after each delivery. With the auto feeder tray, you can focus more on your batting technique and practice without interruptions.

The tray is designed to hold a certain number of balls, depending on its capacity, and releases them one by one into the bowling machine's feeding mechanism. This ensures a continuous flow of deliveries, replicating real-game scenarios and providing a consistent practice experience.

Using the Leverage Auto Ball Feeder Tray with the iWinner machine allows you to fine-tune your batting skills, work on specific shots, and improve your timing and reflexes. It is particularly useful for individual practice sessions or when you don't have a partner available for feeding balls.

If you are interested in purchasing the Leverage Auto Ball Feeder Tray - iWinner Special Edition, it is recommended to check with authorized sellers or reputable cricket equipment stores that offer Leverage products. They will be able to provide you with specific details on availability, pricing, and compatibility with your iWinner bowling machine.

An advanced gravity based cricket bowling machine ball feeder with capacity of 20 balls.