Kookaburra Wicket Keeping Gloves LC 3.0


Kookaburra LC 3.0 Wicket Keeping Gloves

Kookaburra & Wicket Keeping have been synonymous for over 40 years making the brand the choice of the ‘legends of the art’ throughout that time.

No other brand knows more about what is required to produce a great wicket keeping product than Kookaburra making certain that no wicket keeping glove feels as good as a Kookaburra.

Palm Premium PU with Gusset
Palm Lining Premium PU
Palm Padding Unique Kookaburra catching cup – Cotton
Rubber Kookaburra ‘Octopus’ Grade 2
Finger Backs Super Soft Premium PU
Back Super Soft Premium PU with K Flex Support patch
Back Lining Premium Super Soft Brushed Cotton
Cuff Long with Premium Super Soft Brushed Cotton lining
Web Strap, Law 40.2 Compliant – with reinforcement
Thumb Unique setting to enhance ‘catching cup’