Kookaburra Ghost 5.1 Cricket Batting Leg Guards/Pads

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The Kookaburra Ghost 5.1 Cricket Batting Leg Guards, also known as pads, are designed to offer excellent protection and comfort to cricketers while batting. Here are the key features of these leg guards:

Grade 5 Quality: The leg guards are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and performance suitable for Grade 5 standards.

External Impact Protection: The leg guards feature external impact protection, which includes lightweight cane and foam rods. These rods are strategically placed to absorb and distribute the impact of the ball, minimizing the risk of injury.

Three-Piece Knee Roll: The leg guards have a three-piece knee roll design with ergonomic bolsters. This design provides enhanced shape retention, ensuring the knee rolls maintain their structure and protection over time. The knee rolls are designed to offer a comfortable fit around the knee area.

Internal Impact Protection: The leg guards also feature internal impact protection for added safety. They have a duo flex knee roll with a cotton face, which further absorbs shocks and enhances comfort.

Tri-Flex Integral Shin Bolster: The leg guards are equipped with a tri-flex integral shin bolster with a cotton face. This bolster provides additional protection to the shins, reducing the risk of injuries from fast bowling or accidental impacts.

Durable Construction: The leg guards are built to last, with features such as a tough scuff instep that resists wear and tear. The facing of the leg guards is made from grain PVC, which adds durability and longevity to the pads.

Straps: The leg guards are secured in place with straps, including a 50mm calf strap, a 25mm thigh strap, and an ankle strap, all equipped with 25mm hook and loop fasteners. These straps allow for a secure and adjustable fit, ensuring the leg guards stay in position during intense gameplay.

Overall, the Kookaburra Ghost 5.1 Cricket Batting Leg Guards are designed to provide excellent protection, comfort, and durability. They incorporate external and internal impact protection, ergonomic knee rolls, a tri-flex shin bolster, and a durable construction, making them suitable for cricketers at the Grade 5 level. The adjustable straps ensure a secure fit, allowing you to focus on your game with confidence.