Kookaburra Bubble 4.1 English Willow Cricket Bat

€233,10 €259,00


The Kookaburra Bubble 4.1 English Willow Cricket Bat is a high-quality cricket bat designed for performance and power.

  • Sweet Spot: The sweet spot is located approximately 210 to 240mm from the toe of the bat. It is the area that provides optimal power and performance when hitting the ball.
  • Edge Thickness: The bat has an edge thickness of approximately 34mm or more. This provides added power and stability to the shots.
  • Edge Profile: The edges of the bat have a rounded profile, allowing for better durability and stroke play.
  • Face Profile: The face of the bat is rounded, providing a larger hitting area and improved shot-making capability.
  • Toe Profile: The toe of the bat has a standard profile, offering balance and stability during shots.
  • Spine Height: The bat has a spine height of approximately 65mm to 67mm. The spine provides stability and strength to the bat.
  • Scallop: The bat has a scallop of approximately 1mm to 2mm. The scallop helps to redistribute weight to provide better balance and pickup.
  • Bow: The bat has a bow of approximately 10mm to 12mm. The bow helps in generating power and aids in shot execution.
  • Handle: The bat features an oval handle, offering comfort and a secure grip.
  • Weight: The weight of the bat ranges from 2lb 8 1/2oz to 2lb 10½oz. The weight may vary slightly depending on the specific bat.

Additional features of the Kookaburra Bubble 4.1 Cricket Bat include the 'Hexa' grip, which provides excellent grip and control, and the 'Kookaburra Pre-Prepared' (KPP) treatment, which helps to enhance the bat's performance and durability.

The bat is made from Grade 4 unbleached English Willow, ensuring good quality and performance. It is available in the short handle size.