Kookaburra Beast 3.1 Cricket Batting Gloves

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The Kookaburra Beast 3.1 Cricket Batting Gloves are designed to be ultra lightweight and offer excellent flexibility while providing essential protection. Here are the features of these gloves:

Grade 3 Quality: These gloves are of Grade 3 quality, offering reliable performance and durability.

Palm: The palm of the gloves is made of leather, providing a comfortable grip on the bat. It also features Kookaburra's 'Max Flo' ventilation, which allows for increased airflow and breathability to keep your hands cool during play.

Back: The back of the gloves is made of premium mesh material, offering excellent ventilation and moisture management to prevent sweat buildup.

Finger Protection: The gloves feature square High-Density Foam (HDF) finger protection with Shark Tooth Multi-Flexibility. This design provides impact resistance and flexibility to protect your fingers while allowing for natural movement.

Side Finger Protection: The bottom hand of the gloves has one-piece HDF side finger protection, adding an extra layer of security for your fingers.

Thumb Protection: The gloves offer two-piece square HDF thumb protection with a fiber insert. This construction provides enhanced protection and flexibility for the thumb area.

Lining: The gloves are lined with super soft brushed cotton with foam 'Soft Fill,' offering a comfortable and cushioned feel against the skin.

Gusset: The gloves have an airflow mesh gusset, promoting breathability and flexibility.

Wrist: The gloves feature a 50mm single-sided towel wristband with a 'Standard Pull' hook and loop fastening, allowing for a secure and adjustable fit.

The Kookaburra Beast 3.1 Cricket Batting Gloves combine lightweight construction, flexibility, and premium materials to provide comfort and protection during your batting sessions. These gloves are suitable for players at the Grade 3 level and offer the necessary features for an enjoyable and safe playing experience.