Kookaburra KC 2.0 Spike Cricket Shoes Aqua/White

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The Kookaburra KC 2.0 Spike Cricket Shoes are designed for cricket players who prefer spiked shoes for enhanced traction on the field. Here are the key features of these shoes:

  • Lightweight low-profile design: The shoes are designed to be lightweight and have a low-profile construction, allowing for agile movements and quick acceleration on the cricket field.
  • Combination PVC, airflow mesh, and rubberized upper: The upper of the shoes is made using a combination of PVC, airflow mesh, and rubberized materials. This blend of materials provides breathability, durability, and support. The integrated padded tongue adds comfort and protection.
  • Rubber reinforced toe box and forefoot: The toe box and forefoot of the shoes are reinforced with rubber, offering enhanced support and durability in areas that are prone to wear and tear.
  • Shock absorbing 3D molded EVA midsole and lightweight insole: The shoes feature a shock-absorbing 3D molded EVA midsole that helps cushion the impact of running and jumping on the field. The lightweight insole adds further comfort and support.
  • Q-LOCK technology: The shoes incorporate Q-LOCK technology, which ensures a secure and stable fit. This technology helps prevent the foot from slipping inside the shoe during quick movements.
  • Premium Spike Outsole: The shoes are equipped with a premium spike outsole that provides excellent traction on various cricket surfaces. The spikes help grip the ground, allowing players to maintain stability and control while playing.

The Kookaburra KC 2.0 Spike Cricket Shoes combine lightweight design, durability, and traction to support cricket players in their performance on the field.