GRAY NICOLLS Shockwave 2.3 4 Star Superlite Adult Cricket Bat

€229,50 €255,00

This revolutionary bat combines iconic aesthetics with contemporary elements, featuring eye-catching neon green trims. Endorsed by cricketing icons Muhammad Rizwan and Shan Masood, this bat is your ticket to making an unforgettable impact on the pitch.

Crafted to optimize your performance, the Shockwave 2.3 Cricket Bat boasts exceptional pick up and meticulous weight distribution. Its mid sweet spot and full profile inspire unshakeable confidence, ensuring you deliver each shot with power and precision. The modern shape, accentuated by a long sweeping bow and modern semi square toe, guarantees an enviable balance between raw power and agile pick up.

The SuperLite edition features slightly shorter blade and handle, reducing weight without compromising on power. 

Experience the sheer power and precision of the Shockwave 2.3 Cricket Bat. Its full-length bow empowers you to unleash explosive shots, while the large hitting area with a mid blade sweet spot guarantees consistent performance. 

Unleash your cricketing prowess with the Shockwave 2.3 Cricket Bat.