GRAY NICOLLS Prestige Wicket Keeping Pads

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Prestige Wicket keeping Pads, a classy addition to the Classics collection. These pads offer both style and superior performance on the field.

Crafted with a combination of HD foam and cane rod, these pads provide excellent protection while keeping them lightweight. The EVA foam with poly armour on the knee ensures durability against fast bowlers, allowing you to move quickly to the ball.

For added protection, vapour foam is used as a shin bolster, and the instep is equipped with vapour foam and traditional fill, covered with PU material. The high arch design and padded 2-inch straps ensure a comfortable and secure fit without constant readjustment.

Choose the GN Prestige Wicket keeping Pads for exceptional performance and comfort during your wicketkeeping duties.


  • HD Foam and cane rod combination
  • EVA Foam knee with Poly Armour.
  • Vapour foam shin bolster
  • Vapour foam and traditional fill on instep with PU cover.
  • High arch design and padded 2 inch straps