Forma Pro-SRS Cricket Helmet with Stainless Steel Grill

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Forma Pro SRS Cricket Helmet, featuring a sleek Titanium Grill. Achieve a customized fit with the Size Adjustment Strap (SRS) for optimal comfort and security. Enjoy full-face protection with a stylish fabric-covered shell and stay cool during intense play with multiple vents for easy airflow. The engineering plastic outer shell ensures optimum protection, making it a top choice for serious cricket enthusiasts.

  • Personalized Fit: Size Adjustment Strap (SRS) for a secure and customized fit
  • Stylish Shield: Full-face coverage with a fabric-covered shell for added flair
  • Ventilated Comfort: Multiple vents for easy airflow, keeping you cool under pressure
  • Advanced Protection: Engineering plastic outer shell for optimum safety
  • Titanium Toughness: Titanium Grill for durability and enhanced performance.