COYETE Pigmented Adult Wicket Keeping Gloves

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Introducing the COYETE Pigmented Adult Wicket Keeping Gloves, a premium-quality pair of gloves designed specifically for professional wicket keepers. These gloves are crafted with meticulous attention to detail using the finest quality leather to provide exceptional performance and durability. Let's explore the key features of the COYETE Pigmented Adult Wicket Keeping Gloves:

Premium Quality Leather: The COYETE Wicket Keeping Gloves are made from the finest quality leather, ensuring excellent durability and longevity. The high-quality leather construction offers superior resistance to wear and tear, making these gloves suitable for the demands of professional-level cricket.

All-Leather Palm, Cuffs, and Back: These gloves feature an all-leather construction on the palm, cuffs, and back. The use of leather throughout provides a comfortable and secure fit, allowing for optimal grip and control when catching and handling the ball.

Single Colour Octopus Design Rubber Palm Facing: The palm facing of the gloves features a single colour octopus design rubber, which enhances grip and control. This design ensures a secure grasp on the ball, even in challenging fielding conditions.

White Padded Leather Cuff: The COYETE Wicket Keeping Gloves come with a white padded leather cuff. This padded cuff offers additional protection and support to the wrist area, reducing the risk of injury and providing added comfort during long innings behind the stumps.

Extra Cushions for Comfort: These gloves are designed with extra cushions inside, providing enhanced comfort for the wicket keeper. The added cushioning helps to reduce the impact of ball contact and minimizes hand fatigue, allowing you to focus on your performance throughout the game.

Choose the COYETE Pigmented Adult Wicket Keeping Gloves for a premium wicket keeping experience. With their premium quality leather construction, all-leather palm, cuffs, and back, single colour octopus design rubber palm facing, white padded leather cuff, and extra cushions for comfort, these gloves offer the perfect combination of durability, grip, protection, and comfort for professional wicket keepers.