SG Ashes X1 Duffle & Wheelie Kit Bag

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SG Ashes X1 Duffle & Wheelie Kit Bag is an excellent choice for cricketers looking for a versatile and convenient option to carry all their necessary gear. Here are the key features of this premium kit bag:

  • Wheelie Duffle Bag Design: This kit bag comes with the convenience of both a duffle bag and a wheelie design, making it easy to transport all your gear, whether you're walking or rolling the bag to and from the field.

  • Water-Resistant, Highly Durable Premium Fabric: Crafted from a water-resistant, highly durable premium fabric, the bag ensures that your equipment remains safe and dry even in challenging weather conditions. This robust construction guarantees long-lasting use for all your cricketing needs.

  • SG Customized Durable Zips and Runners: Equipped with SG customized durable zips and runners, this kit bag offers smooth and secure opening and closing functionality, allowing quick and easy access to your gear during practice sessions or matches.

  • Bat Storage Sleeves: With three bat size inside storage sleeves, the bag provides ample space for securely storing multiple cricket bats, ensuring they remain well-protected and organized during transportation.

  • Separate Shoe Pocket: The bag includes a separate shoe pocket, keeping your shoes separate from the rest of your gear, maintaining cleanliness, and ensuring better organization within the kit bag.

  • Insulated Cool Zone: It features an insulated cool zone designed to keep ice packs or water cool for an extended duration, allowing you to maintain hydration and refreshment during long training sessions or matches.

  • Two Medium Wheels for Traction and Control: The inclusion of two medium-sized wheels ensures better traction and control, enabling smooth movement and transportation of your gear, reducing the effort required to carry your equipment over longer distances.

  • Comfort-Enhancing Shoulder Straps and Fabricated Grip Handle: The bag is equipped with 10 mm mesh padded shoulder straps, providing ample airflow, cushioning, and comfort during travel. The fabricated grip handle, supported with mesh, offers a better grip and enhanced comfort when lifting the bag.

  • HDPE Supported Back for Stability: With an HDPE supported back, the bag ensures better stability and sturdiness, providing reliable support for your gear and maintaining the bag's structure during transit.

  • Additional Storage Pockets: It includes a front big pocket for additional storage, providing extra space for organizing smaller items and accessories. The bag also offers an additional mesh pocket for storing a water bottle or an umbrella, ensuring you remain well-prepared for different weather conditions.

The SG Ashes X1 Duffle & Wheelie Kit Bag combines versatility, durability, and ample storage space, making it an ideal choice for cricketers seeking a well-designed, reliable, and easy-to-transport kit bag to accommodate all their essential gear and equipment.