SG Club Junior Wicket Keeping Gloves

€31,50 €35,00

SG Club Junior Wicket Keeping Gloves are specifically designed to offer comfort and protection for junior cricketers. Here are the key features of these gloves:

  • High-Quality PVC Facing: The gloves are crafted from high-quality PVC facing, ensuring durability and reliable performance during practice and matches.

  • High-Density Foam Padded Insert in Top Hat: The incorporation of high-density foam in the top hat area provides excellent protection for the hands, fingers, and top of the glove.

  • Compact and Wrap Around Fit: The gloves are designed to offer a snug and secure fit around the hands, allowing for improved grip and flexibility when catching the ball.

  • Mesh Instep with Hard-Wearing Piping: The mesh instep, along with the hard-wearing piping, provides breathability and durability, ensuring the gloves can withstand rigorous use during training and matches.

Available in junior sizes, the SG Club Junior Wicket Keeping Gloves are an ideal choice for young cricketers seeking reliable and comfortable hand protection during their games.