CEAT Resolute English Willow Cricket Bat

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Introducing the CEAT Resolute English Willow Cricket Bat, a bat that embodies the craftsmanship and performance required to excel in the game of cricket. This special edition bat, named after Ajinkya Rahane, combines exceptional quality and design features. Let's explore the key attributes of the CEAT Resolute English Willow Cricket Bat:

Ajinkya Rahane Jinx Edition: The CEAT Resolute Cricket Bat is a special edition bat named after the esteemed cricketer Ajinkya Rahane. It celebrates his skill and contribution to the game.

Hand Crafted: Each CEAT Resolute English Willow Cricket Bat is meticulously handcrafted with utmost precision. The bat undergoes a careful manufacturing process, ensuring attention to detail and superior quality.

Naturally Air Dried Grade 1 English Willow: The bat is made from premium Grade 1 English willow, which is naturally air-dried to perfection. This process enhances the bat's durability and performance, allowing for exceptional stroke play.

Grains Available: The CEAT Resolute Cricket Bat offers grains ranging from 8 to 10. The availability of clear grains indicates the high quality and performance potential of the bat.

Lightweight Design: The bat features a lightweight design, allowing for easy maneuverability and quick bat speed. This lightweight construction enables players to generate power and play shots with precision.

Contoured Edges: The CEAT Resolute Cricket Bat is designed with contoured edges, ensuring a larger sweet spot and better performance across the face of the bat. The contoured edges also contribute to the bat's aesthetics.

Multi-Piece Cane Handle: The bat is equipped with a multi-piece cane handle, which provides outstanding feel, flexibility, and control. The handle design allows for a comfortable grip and helps transfer power efficiently from the hands to the blade.

Elevate your game with the CEAT Resolute English Willow Cricket Bat. With its handcrafted construction, naturally air-dried Grade 1 English willow, availability of clear grains, lightweight design, contoured edges, and multi-piece cane handle, this bat offers exceptional performance and control. Join hands with the Ajinkya Rahane Jinx Edition and experience the craftsmanship and excellence it embodies.