CA Wolf Edition Tennis Ball Bat

€40,50 €45,00


Unleash your power with the CA Wolf Tape/Tennis Ball Bat. This bat is specifically designed for tape ball and tennis ball cricket, delivering exceptional performance and power on the field.

Featuring a long blade with a total length of approximately 35 inches, the CA Wolf Bat provides extended reach, enabling you to take commanding shots. Made of poplar wood, this bat offers a sturdy construction that can withstand the rigors of intense gameplay.

Enabled with Power-Tek technology, the CA Wolf Bat ensures bigger hits and maximum power transfer. With each swing, you can unleash powerful shots that will leave the opposition in awe.

The bat is equipped with a full cane handle, offering excellent grip and control. It features three layers of rubber sheet for added comfort and shock absorption, allowing you to maintain a firm hold during intense play.

Ideal for tournaments, the CA Wolf Bat is crafted to meet the demands of competitive cricket. Its premium double-coloured grip provides a secure and comfortable hold, giving you the confidence to dominate the game.

Step onto the cricket field with the CA Wolf Tape/Tennis Ball Bat and experience the thrill of unleashing powerful shots. With its long blade, Power-Tek technology, and premium grip, this bat is your key to success in tape ball and tennis ball cricket tournaments.

  • Long Blade – Total length 35 inch apx.
  • Made of poplar wood.
  • Enable With power tek technology for Bigger Hits
  • Full cane handle with three layers of rubber sheet.
  • Ideal for tournaments.
  • Premium Double coloured grip.