CA Plus 20K 3.0 Cricket Batting Gloves

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Plus, 20k 3.O is another pocket-friendly glove pair you can choose or look up to while looking for cricket gears you want to have. The tremendous bunch of features it offers is something that can be a great treat for cricket learners, beginners, and aspirants out there. So this attractive yet graceful white and grey colored glove is made from using sheep leather with PU facing that ensures quality and credibility. Makes it durable and washable as well. 

Fully protected high-density foam is submerged throughout which protects shocks and field adversities. Installation of protection fiber on the endangered fingertips prevents from possible finger injuries. 


  • Pocket friendly. 
  • Mimicking Higher models of 20K Gloves.
  • Soft sheep leather on the palm.
  • Inculcation of fully protected high-density foam.
  • Presence of protection fiber in two fingers and thumb.
  • A treat for all the young cricketers. 

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