CA JR20 Performance 15000 Cricket Bat

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JR 20 performance 15000 bat resembles the features of CA 15000 cricket bat. It's an institute of power that will honor your ground field with immediate performance. All of our enthusiastic batsmen will be amazed by this bat's performance. A traditional blade length that packs modern dynamism embedded into it that enables player’s convenience.

JR20 performance 15000 is a classic English willow bat made on a lighter weight for swift performance. The extended power zone, which includes a massive striking area and a toe guard promises  its safety. This bat has been carefully designed to provide maximum power in the drive zone, with a low to mid-swell position for front foot play. Shop Professional Cricket Bats Online.


  • Spine till toe balanced shape.
  • 3D sticker aesthetics embody colorful patterns.
  • Light pick on synchronizing the performance with extra comfort.
  • Modern 3D grasping system with finger padding.
  • Straight 7+ grains of timber praise its strength. 
  • Ergonomic grip who like to attack the on boundary staying in confidence.
  • Packed with the thick sweet spot that empowers longer shots outside the limits.
  • The light pickup makes it possible to handle the battle with ease.