Adidas Ina .6 Senior Hockey Stick

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Express your freedom and creativity on the field with the Adidas Ina .6 Senior Hockey Stick. Designed for the female entertainer who loves to play with style, this stick opens up possibilities for 3D skills, deceptive passing, and ultimate ball speed. The Aqua/White color combination adds a touch of flair to your game.

Key Features:

  1. Bow Shape: The Ultra Low Bow design, with dimensions of 200mm/24mm, empowers players to execute 3D skills, deceptive passes, and achieve incredible ball speed. It's a bow that makes anything possible on the field.

  2. Head Shape: The Pure Control head shape ensures that you are in command of the game. It provides precision and control, allowing you to express your playing style with confidence.

  3. Technology - 3D Geometry: The stick features Adidas's unique 3D Geometry, stiffening the shaft to enhance hitting power and deliver a cleaner, sharper finish. The cut-away underside assists in lifting the ball more easily, adding dynamism to your play.

  4. Flexible Shaft: The flexible shaft of the Ina .6 is crafted for touch and feel. This stick is designed to provide a soft touch, making it easier for the player to execute skills with precision.

  5. Precision-Engineered Construction: The construction of the stick is precision-engineered to create a soft-touch stick that keeps the entertainer in tune with the ball at all times.


  • Bow: Ultra Low Bow – 200mm/24mm
  • Head Shape: Pure Control


  • 3D Geometry: Enhances hitting power and provides a cleaner finish. The cut-away underside helps in lifting the ball more easily.

Step onto the field with the Adidas Ina .6 Senior Hockey Stick and let your creativity flow. This stick is not just a piece of equipment; it's an extension of your style and a tool for unleashing your best performance.